There are three types of training available. The Elon online basic training course is a short course designed for anyone wanting to learn more about what the Elon is and how it works.

The Elon online installation training videos provide electricians and installers with a better understanding of the Elon installation and troubleshooting process.

The Elon in-person 2 day installation training course at Electrolux in Benoni provides electricians, plumbers and installers with both theoretical and practical training.
The Elon Online Basic Training Course

The Elon basic training course is for Sales and Marketing Professionals, Installers, Partners and anyone else wishing to learn about the Elon Solar PV Water Heater.

The course only takes about 40 minutes (complete at your own pace). Please see the link below and click “Enroll in Course for FREE”.
*See the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.


The Elon Online Installation Training Videos

The following three online training videos for electricians are available via the link below:

  • The Elon Unboxing
  • The Elon Wiring Kit Installation
  • The Elon Troubleshooting Guide for Electricians

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Elon Training Course at Electrolux Benoni

The Elon installation training courses take place at the Electrolux facility in Benoni over a 2-day period.

For more information, please contact Mr Deon Smit (course instructor) on 066 243 1355 or

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