Electrolux offers a heat pump training course that covers the theory and practical application on the principles of the workings and installation of Domestic Kwikpump Heat Pumps, which are listed by Eskom and the SABS.

The course is open to applicants who are owners of plumbing companies, their staff who are qualified plumbers or plumbers who have a minimum of 4 years plumbing experience.

Electrolux reserves the right to accept or decline applications at it’s own discretion. Only successful applicants will be notified of the dates to attend the course.

The course is for one day and is presented in English.

The cost of the course is R2,200.00 (VAT exclusive) per candidate.

1. On receiving the completed enrolment form, Electrolux will advise the candidate of the banking details and the reference to be used on the EFT payment. 

2. Payment via EFT must be received prior to the candidate attending the course. An invoice will only be issued on the day of the candidate’s attendance.

3. The candidate may request in writing only. Cancellation by the candidate or by a third party paying for the course, or non-attendance by the candidate, will result in the amount paid been forfeited and is not refundable.
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