CXC Multi Pressure Control Valves

  • The Kwikot Multi Valve body is manufactured from high grade forged DZR Brass with stainless steel relief seat.
  • The fully serviceable cartridge with stainless steel strainer and spindle makes this valve suitable for domestic plumbing applications with a long service lifespan.
  • The body incorporates an isolating valve with a non-corrosive Teflon ball, allowing the water supply to be shut off at the valve.
  • The compact design with integral expansion relief valve lends itself to ease of installation, with 15mm and 22mm copper-to-copper connections and 20mm male iron connections.
  • The expansion relief valve has a rotating flushing mechanism, which can be rotated through 360° and flushes dirt and sediment from the valve.
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Kwikot Multi Valves comply with SANS 198 Specification (Control and Functional Valves) and are SA Watermark listed.


The Kwikot Mono and Multi Valves should be installed on the outside of the dwelling on the incoming cold water supply from the water main. The valves can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. The forged arrow ( ) on the brass body indicates the direction of the water flow


The Kwikot Mono and Multi Valves have a two year warranty from date of purchase, (proof of purchase invoice to be supplied), against manufacturing defects and such goods will be replaced or repaired at Kwikot’s discretion free of charge.


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