Prisma Classique 10lt – Under Basin

Kwikot Prisma Classique Electric Water Storage Heaters are suitable for domestic kitchens and laundries, medical suites, clinics and office kitchenettes where hot water is readily required. The units solve the problem of having to wait for hot water from larger electric water heaters (geysers) which may be installed some distance from the point of use, thus saving on water wastag

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  • Kwikot Prisma Classique Electric Water Heaters have a Glasslined Inner Cylinder, offering a long life to the cylinder (subject to water conditions equivalent to Metropolitan supply authorities).
  • All units have a shiny non-corrosive polypropylene outer casing, which provides aesthetic appeal and will not discolour overtime.
  • Thick polyurethane foam insulation is used to reduce inner cylinder heat loss.
  • Units are fitted with a large sacrificial anode, providing additional inner cylinder protection.
  • External Temperature Controls are fitted with a maximum temperature setting of 75°C.
  • Capillary Thermostat for accurate temperature settings.
  • Working pressure 0kPa.
  • Fitted electrical cable with 15 Amp 3 Pin Electrical Plug.


ModelProduct CodeWeight (empty)Electrical SupplyWattageHeating Time (ΔT=55°C)
10lt Under BasinFPRX-10-UB8.1kgs230V150026 minutes
Dimension A (mm)Dimension B (mm)Dimension C (mm)Dimension D (mm)Dimension E (mm)
3402913479015 (1/2”)

Installation, Warranty & Servicing


  • Installation of the point of use electric water storage heater must be carried out by a qualified plumber.
  • The Under Basin unit may only be fitted with a counter surface PUSH THROUGH MIXER (not supplied) and the Over Basin Unit with a over counter PUSH THROUGH MIXER (not supplied) or with STOP COCK and SPOUT (not supplied). These are available from Kwikot

Warranty & Servicing

  • Five years on the inner Glasslined cylinder and the warranty is subject to water conditions equivalent to main metropolitan supply authorities.
  • One year on electrical components.
  • Warranties are applicable from date of purchase and validated by means of a purchase invoice, or submittance of a completed warranty card to Kwikot (card supplied with unit).
  • The warranty is applicable in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana and subject to water condtions equivalent to main Metroploitan supply authorities
  • The Sacrificial Anode must be checked every twelve months for degradation and replaced if necessary.
Installation Manual


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