Kwikboil – Appliance White & Stainless Steel

  • Modern and aesthetically appealing.
  • Stainless steel or white epoxy outer casing.
  • On tap boiling water.
  • Wall mounted.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Advanced electronic controls.
  • Safe, hygienic and energy efficient.
  • Steam free and convenient.
  • Diagnostic PC board for fault finding.
  • Additional safety probe.
Category: Product ID: 1977


Diagnostic PC Board

  • The unit is fitted with self diagnostics and indicative LED lights. The self diagnostic features programmed into the PC board, enables the unit to determine if a component is faulty, or if there is a fault in the heating and/or filling modes i.e. if there is no water connected.
  • A further added safety feature to the unt is a third level water probe in the tank. This will enable the PC board to detect if the normal operating water level probe is faulty, or dirty and will prevent the unit from overflowing.
  • Diagnostic faults are indicated on the front LED’s of the face plate and on the PC board, with the respective component LED, eg. “SL” indicates Sollenoid Valve. The respective LED will flash when a fault is detected.
Specifications2,5 litre5 litre7,5 litre10 litre15 litre
Product code – white epoxyKwikboil 2.5Kwikboil 5Kwikboil 7.5Kwikboil 10Kwikboil 15
Product code – stainless steelKwikboil 2.5 SSKwikboil 5 SSKwikboil 7.5 SSKwikboil 10 SSKwikboil 15 SS
Nominal storage capacity (litres)2,557,51015
Initial draw-off (180ml cups)15304560100
Recovery per min (180ml cups)22222.5
First hour delivery (180ml cups)120135150175200
Approx. time for 1st cup (mins)6771011
Heating element input (kW)1,82,02,02,02,4
Min. supply pressure (kPa)2020202020
Max. supply pressure (kPa)10001000100010001000
Approx. weight empty (kg)6,68,58,71011,2
Approx weight full (kg)10,716,318,325,530,4


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