Inline Water Heater

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  • These units are manufactured from mild steel and coated with
    Glass Flake Epoxy.
  • Units are insulated with 50mm fibre wool and 0.6mm galvanised cladding or Stainless Steel cladding on request. Element loading to specification but can be manufactured up to 252kW.
  • Product is supplied with electrical control, thermostat and safety valve
  • Product can be manufactured to customer specification and include high working pressures, specialised material for non standard dimensions and alternative electrical controls.


  • Inline heaters can be used in conjunction with a large storage tank.
  • Inline heaters can be used with when no storage tank is available.
  • This product can be used to heat liquids other than water and is ideally suited for the conversion from oil and coal fired boilers where existing tanks are available.


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