Gasmate 20 Litres

Kwikot Gasmate Forced Draft Instantaneous Gas Water Heater 20 litre water heater is suitable for the usage of large volumes of hot water for bathing and showering. The unit is for outdoor installation only and operates solely on LPG Gas.

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Compact and aesthetically appealing, this gas water saves on space when installed outdoors.
Easy to operate as the water heater incorporates a micro-computer which controls the electronic proportional valve, step-less speed changing DC fan and a high loading burning device, resulting in the unit generating hot water automatically when the power is switched on and the tap is opened. With the built-in micro-computer, the water heater automatically attempts to generate water at the pre-set temperature. In computing the volume of gas and air to heat up the water flowing into the water heater, it takes into consideration the water pressure, the temperature of the water flowing into the water heater and the pre-set temperature of the water flowing out of the water heater. With the sensitive ultra-low water pressure starting device, the water heater can operate even at low water pressures. The water heater has one remote controller, which can be installed away from the outside where the water heater is installed. An additional two more remote controllers can be purchased as an optional extra and be installed at other convenient locations. When the main power switch is first turned on, the LED display will indicate 42°C and after 3 seconds, it will show the actual temperature of the water flowing out of the water heater. The user in the priority mode may then set their preferred temperature for the water outflow. As long as the main power switch is not turned off, the water heater will continue to operate and generate water at the selected pre-set temperature during usage. The display will also flash the fault code accordingly to indicate the nature of the fault of the water heater whenever the heater malfunctions


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