Elon 100 Water Heater Kit
Elon 100 Water Heater Kit

Elon 100 Water Heater Kit

  • DSG-150-EPACK-A
  • Ready to be installed.
  • Includes the Elon unit, Two vacuum breakers, One PVC Mono 600.
  • Available with a 150L or 200L electric water heater.
Elon 100 Water Heater Kit

  • A minimum 30-unit order is required.
  • Elon Water Heater Kits include:
    • One Elon unit
    • One Electrolux 150L or 200L electric water heater
    • Two vacuum breakers
    • One PVC Mono 600
    • Product Codes
      • DSG-150 - EPACK-A
      • DSG-150 - EPACK-B
      • DSG-200 - EPACK-A

  • The Elon range operates on a basic principle: enabling a direct connection of electricity produced by solar PV panels to a standard electric geyser. This means the Elon can run completely off-grid, or with AC power as back-up… No inverter or battery needed!
  • A smart and simple way for property developers to meet SANS 10400-XA requirements while ensuring that future homeowners have access to a reliable, maintenance-free solar PV water heating solution that will also translate into years of cost savings.
  • Designed to match the decades-long lifetime of solar PV panels, the Elon is robust, has over- and undervoltage protection. Up to 5-year extended warranty.
  • "Build-to-rent" property developers can take advantage of the Section 12B tax savings.
  • Thousands of Elon solar PV water heating systems installed across South Africa. No maintenance and simple user controls means fewer callouts and user support requests.
  • The Elon is the most affordable solar PV unit in its class.
  • Easy installation: No need to replace elements or install and wire multiple components.
  • Over 90% efficiency and only requires 20V to switch on under load. This means the Elon can start heating the geyser in lower-light conditions (cloud cover; Winter; earlier in the mornings and later in the afternoons).

We've Got You Covered
The Elon comes standard with a 2-year warranty. Up to 5 year extended warranty, registration required. Please see the PowerOptimal terms and conditions for more information:
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