Pressure Control Valves

Pressure Control Valves

Kwikot’s Mono and Multi range of pressure control valves with integral expansion, are designed for high flow capacity with accurate pressure control. The Multi range includes an isolating valve.

These geyser pressure control valves feature compact construction designed to regulate and provide balanced pressure on both hot and cold water supply in the dwelling.

All pressure control valves are from Kwikot are designed with 360° degree flushing mechanisms, which allow the system to flush dirt and sediment.

A Mono House Water Station comprising of a Mono Valve with Y-Strainer and Lever Ball Valve in an aesthetically appealing polyethylene box available in 400kPa or 600kPa derivatives is also available.

All valves comply with SANS 198 Specification (Control and Functional Valves) and are SA Watermark listed.

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