Point of Use Electric Water Heaters

Point of Use Electric Water Heaters

The Prisma Classique point of use electric water heaters are ideal for domestic household applications and institutions where it’s necessary to have hot water that is instantly and readily available at the point of use i.e. medical suits and clinics.

These point of use electric geysers save on water usage as they are fitted to a sink or basin, thus hot water is not supplied from the main geyser some distance away.

Units available are the Under Basin (10lt) and Over Basin (10lt, 15lt and 30lt). The Under Basin unit must only be installed with a counter surface push through mixer (not supplied), which is available from Kwikot.

The point of use geysers are rated at 0 kPa in South Africa (8 bar for the rest of the world). This means the special mixer is an open outlet type – the spout is open to atmosphere and when you open the hot tap, cold water flows into the geyser and pushes the hot water out the spout. During heating water will expand thru the spout and the spout will drip. The flow will depend on the water supply pressure and pipe sizing – the open outlet mixer has special porting arrangements that cannot be simulated with a standard use mixer.

Built with a glass lined inner cylinder, these electric water heaters have a long life providing that the sacrificial anode is regularly checked and replaced if need be. This is helped by a non-corrosive polypropylene outer casing, which also provides aesthetic appeal.

Thick polyurethane foam insulation is used to reduce heat loss in the cylinder.

Temperature is controlled using external temperature controls, with a thermostat providing accurate readings.

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