Kwikot Industrial Water Heater 500lts

Kwikot Industrial Water Heater 500lts

  • KS100
  • Supply of large quantities of hot water for use in industries, hotels, hospitals and hostels.
  • Chiller tanks for large industrial air conditioning units.
  • Tank capacities from 500lts to 10000lts in both horizontal and vertical configurations.
  • Smaller size tanks kept in stock or manufactured to specification.
Kwikot Industrial Water Heater 500lts

  • Industrial Tanks designed to supply large quantities of hot water for use in hotels, hospitals, hostels ablutions etc, and chiller tanks for airconditioning units.
  • Vessels are manufactured from either mild steel or stainless steel on request.
  • Mild steel vessels are coated with Sigmarite Sealer or Glass Flake Epoxy on request.
  • Vessels are available in vertical or horizontal configuration for floor installation.
  • Incalloy elements fitted as standard. Element loading is designed for 6 hour recovery from cold to 60˚C.
  • Insulation consists of 50mm lW24 fibreglass wool clad with 0,6mm galvanised sheet metal or Stainless Steel cladding on request.

  • All vessels are fitted with over-pressure and over-temperature safety valves.
  • Vessels are fitted with control and over-temperature thermostats.
  • Working pressure up to 400kPa (600kPa available on request).
  • Pre-wired, vessel mounted control panels for loadings up to 48kW.
  • Additional electrical accessories including ammeter; volt meter; time and by-pass switches; stepped control and low water cut outs are available on request
  • Flanged connections available on request.

We've Got You Covered
A comprehensive service for the design of hot and cold water reticulation system for industrial applications can be requested.
NB: All accessory sizes will vary accordingly to the installation.
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