Kwikpump Domestic Integrated Heat Pump HP-300-V

Kwikpump Domestic Integrated Heat Pump HP-300-V

  • HP-300-V
  • Combination of a hot water cylinder with a heat pump mounted on top.
  • The hot water cylinder has a 1.5kW electrical backup/boost element situated at a 60lt level.
  • Uses only ⅓ of the electricity of an electric water heater.
  • Works in all weather conditions.
  • Available in 150lt, 190lt and 270lt.
Kwikpump Domestic Integrated Heat Pump HP-300-V

  • The inner cylinder is manufactured from Duplex Stainless Steel, providing longevity and hygiene.
  • Polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder and outer casement reduces heat loss.
  • Aesthetically appealing appliance white casement.
  • A vertical air discharge heat pump with highly efficient heat exchanger.

  • Includes a micro-computer with timer and temperature functions, which automatically starts and stops the heat pump according to the water temperature and the timer setting.
  • Space saving due to the integration of the cylinder and heat pump.
  • Works in all weather conditions and at night.
  • Environmentally friendly thereby reducing global greenhouse effects.

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  • Electricity consumption is only used to transfer heat from the surrounding environment, such as air. The heat pump has the ability to absorb heat (not create heat) and transfer heat by means of a refrigerant, which captures the heat in the ambient air and transfers it to heated water.
  • The fan on the heat pump circulates air through the outer evaporator that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the available heat in the ambient air, transforming it into gaseous refrigerant. The refrigerant gas is then pumped into a compressor. When this warmed refrigerant gas is compressed, it intensifies the heat.
  • This intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into a heat exchanger condenser where the actual heat transfer takes place. As the water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the cooler water. The refrigerant returns to a liquid state and is pumped through an expansion valve and then into an evaporator air coil, which starts the process all over again
  • Because the Integrated Heat Pump uses less than a third of the energy of a normal electric water heater (geyser), it qualifies for installation in terms of SANS 10400XA.
  • The Integrated Heat Pump must be well ventilated and installed undercover, ensuring that rain water does not fall into the air inlet/outlet.
  • The installation position should allow for condensate water discharge from the heat pump.
  • The ground surface area must be hard, smooth and even, in order to prevent any vibration.
  • The connection of the heat pump and element to the electrical power source, must be done by a qualified electrician.
  • The heat pump is supplied with a 400kPa Safety Valve (T & P Value) and Drain Cock.
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