Superline 400 DUAL 200 Litres

Superline 400 DUAL 200 Litres

  • DSG-200-5
  • Available in 50lts, 100lts, 200lts and 250lts, SANS 151 approved.
  • B rated energy efficient resulting in a lower heat loss.
  • Renewable energy ready.
Superline 400 DUAL 200 Litres

  • The Kwikot Superline 400 Dual is a high pressure electric water heater available in a 50 litre, 100 litre, 200 litre and 250 litre and are SANS 151 400kPa approved.
  • The inner cylinder is manufactured from 1.6mm steel and thermofused porcelain enamelled for cylinder longevity and hygiene.
  • The polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder and the outer galvanised casement is 128% thicker, resulting in the hourly standing heat loss decreasing from 108 watts per hour to 50 watts per hour.

  • A lower energy loss, a more efficient electric water heater. B rating energy efficiency.
  • Renewable energy ready for a Solar Retrofit System or a Heat Pump.
  • The units can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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  • The Kwikot Superline 400 Dual must be installed in compliance with SANS 10254 Installation and Maintenance of Electric Storage Water Heaters, with a Temperature & Pressure Valve (Safety Valve), Drain Cock (both supplied with the water heater), Pressure Control Valve, Drip Tray and Vacuum Breakers. The Kwikot Superline 400 Dual water heater is IPX4 rated.
  • The 50lt, 100lt and 200lt can be installed horizontally on the floor (in the roof) and wall mounted vertically or horizontally left hand or horizontally right hand. NB. The maximum wall mount geyser capacity is 200 litres, providing that the reliability and strength of the wall is determined beforehand by a qualified construction person.
  • In a horizontal wall mounting installation, the brackets (feet) need to be moved by 90˚ to the alternative holes in the outer casement. In a vertical wall mounting installation, the brackets (feet) are not moved to the alternative holes in the outer casement.
  • The following minimum installation clearance must be allowed for on each side in the event of having to remove the element, thermostat or the anode: 50lt – 400mm, 100lt – 600mm, 200lt – 1000mm and 250lt – 1200mm.
The period of warranty is from the date of installation providing that documentation of proof of installation is furnished, or alternatively from date of manufacture as determined from the serial plate on the end dome.
  • Kwikot Superline 400 Dual : Five Years on the inner cylinder. The above warranty is subject to only genuine Kwikot replacement parts (spiral element and thermostat etc) been used whilst the inner cylinder is still under warranty and is subject to water conditions equivalent to main Metropolitan supply authorities.
  • One year on the spiral element, thermostat, flange assembly plate and gasket.
  • Two years on the Safety Valve and Drain Cock.
  • The guarantee on the installation is the responsibility of the installer.
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