Megaflo 450
Megaflo 450
Megaflo 450

Megaflo 450

  • MF450
  • Available in 450lt in horizontal and vertical formats.
  • Use for large commercial hot water applications.
  • Use for light industrial hot water applications.
  • You can also find other variants’ specification here
Megaflo 450

  • Megaflo 450 litre electric water heaters have been designed for light commercial and large domestic hot water applications.
  • When used with good mains pressure, the water heater can be installed almost anywhere – floor standing or roof.
  • The element load cannot be switched directly through the thermostat and a contactor switch rated 30Amp AC1 duty must be utilised. The contactor switch is not a standard component and must be specified and purchased separately.

  • Megaflo 450 litre water heaters have a polyurethane foam insulation and are finished with a galvanised outer casement.
  • Megaflo 450 litre can be installed in all areas. For aggressive water conditions, "incalloy" electric heating elements can be requested at an additional cost.
  • Megaflo 450 litre water heaters operate up to 400kPa and will work efficiently under lower pressures.

We've Got You Covered
  • The water heater must be installed under cover (inside or outside) and not exposed directly to climatic weather conditions.
  • The following minimum installation clearance must be allowed for: 500mm clear space around the Safety Valve and for servicing the anodes.
  • 300mm clear space immediately in front of the electrical cover plate.
  • Do not wall mount.
  • The period of guarantee is from the date of installation providing that documentation of proof of installation is furnished, or alternatively from date of manufacture as determined from the serial plate or date stamp code.
  • One year on the standard immersion VKF7” elements, thermostat and flange assembly plate and gasket.
  • Two years on the Safety Valve.
  • Three Years on the inner cylinder, subject to water conditions equivalent to main Metropolitan supply authorities. This guarantee is subject to only genuine Kwikot replacement parts (element and thermostat etc) been used whilst the inner cylinder is still under guarantee.
  • The guarantee on the installation is the responsibility of the installer. Water specification and Anode servicing/replacement is as follows.
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