Why now is the right time to install a solar geyser?

Climate change is on the rise. Installing a solar geyser is one way to help make a difference. Not only does solar power save you money as it cost less, but most importantly, it reduces your carbon footprint. Here are a few reasons to why it’s the best time to install a solar water heater right now.
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Increase in power prices

The increase in power prices shows that using electrical geysers aren’t as cost efficient as a solar geyser. Why? Solar geysers rely on the energy of sunshine. With a solar geyser, you get to minimize on the increase of power prices. An installed solar geyser will help you put more money in your pocket.

Sufficient sunlight in South Africa

South Africa has abundant sunshine. Even during cooler weather, the sun rays should still be sufficient enough to heat water. Remember that solar geysers rely on the radiation it receives from the sun.

Reduce carbon footprint

Choosing to go with a solar geyser will reduce your carbon footprint. Using a solar geyser is one step closer to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Millions of homes around the world have been making use of solar geysers, which have proved to be both an effective and efficient way to save power and use ‘free’ energy instead.

Installing a solar geyser is beneficial for your budget and for the environment. If you plan on installing a solar geyser it’s important to carry out some research and understand how it works.  Thereafter, the next step would be to find out which type of solar geyser is best suited for your home and the climate you live in.

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