Can Anyone Have a Solar Geyser?

Can Anyone Have a Solar Geyser

Before we delve into who can have solar geysers, it’s good to have a basic understanding of how a solar water heating system works. In a nutshell, the water in solar geysers are heated by sunlight. This warm water rises, which causes a natural convection.

With the above in mind, can anyone have a solar geyser? Below are three popular questions about solar geysers and under what climatic conditions they can be installed.

Does a solar geyser work in cold conditions?

While solar geysers rely on sunlight, it can be used in temperatures as low as 10°C. Even so, in such extreme conditions the performance of the solar geyser will be less effective. Knowing that there will always be sunlight, which is all that’s needed for solar geysers to produce warm water for your home, you can always feel rest assured.

What about freezing weather? If you live in an area where freezing weather conditions occur, you can install an indirect solar geyser. An indirect solar geyser uses anti-freeze fluid that circulates in a closed-circuit system. The anti-freeze fluid transfers the heat to the water. If this is you, you require an indirect solar geyser.


On cloudy days will the water be heated?

On overcast days, the heat output of the solar collector is reduced, but the solar geyser will still be able to provide heating. Solar geysers have a thermostat and element which will then heat the water by means of electricity.

Will the solar geyser be a fire hazard or can the water over heat on an extremely hot day?

If you live in an area where you experience blazing hot or dry weather, you might be concerned about the solar geyser being a fire hazard. Solar geysers are created with components that are all high temperature rated and non-flammable. This means that components of solar geysers are made to handle intense heat, or strong direct sunlight. The heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the fluid to the water.

A thermostatic mixing valve must be installed to prevent the water from overheating. This valve allows cold water into the system when the water reaches are certain temperature.

The weather conditions in your area affects the performance of the solar geyser. But even in extreme weather conditions dry or cold, you know that you’ll benefit from having a solar geyser.
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